Ganglion Cyst Finger Treatment

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How to Treat Finger Ganglion Cysts!

Ganglion cysts of the finger can spontaneously disappear without ever having treatment. However, some ganglion cysts continuously persist and can become a big source of pain and disability. Earlier treatment of ganglion cysts results in better pain relief, reduced disability and reduced reoccurrence in the future. Here is the following ganglion cyst finger treatment to help remove them.

Ganglion Cyst Finger Treatment


Aspiration is when fluid is drawn out of the ganglion usually via a needle. This will completely deflate the ganglion and has a 75 per cent efficacy in treating the ganglion. There is a slight risk of infection at the site of aspiration, but it is a procedure that is easily performed safely.


Surgery can be performed at the site of ganglion near the finger where the ganglion is excised from the joint and tendon. With this procedure, there is a risk that tendons and nerves can be damaged as they can be cut. This procedure should be done by a hand specialist surgeon to avoid any potential damage and proper management after surgery.

Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue massage is effective in treating ganglion cysts as it helps move fluid out. With daily gentle rhythmic massage aided with massage oil, ganglion cysts can be removed and treated. The massage should be done along the whole tendon that is affected, that is extensor or flexor digitorum longus should be treated along the whole length of the muscle. This should mean that you should start massaging from the forearm right down to the finger tips. Constant massaging can help relieve you of your symptoms.

Paraffin Wax baths

Paraffin wax baths is a heat based treatment that gets heat and blood flow right deep into your joints and fingers. Treatment is performed by dipping the affected hand in a bath of warm paraffin wax and then quickly taken out to cool for 15-20 minutes. Usually a physical therapist or osteopath will have one of these wax baths which immensely improves your pain and symptoms. Regular weekly treatment needs to be performed to completely remove the cyst from your finger.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound used therapeutically is different from the ultrasound used to treat ailments and pain. Ultrasound works by emitting high frequency sound waves to stimulate tissue healing, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. When performed on a ganglion, it can immediately reduce the fluid content in the ganglion. Frequent treatment can help ease or completely reduce the ganglion.